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What is a Community Foundation?

Our Mission

What we do makes a local impact: 

Established in 2003, our main areas of focus in serving Laurens County are on education, the arts, cultural programs, historic preservation, health, and social services. 


 Terms we frequently use: 

Philanthropy is defined in different ways, however the Greek origin means love for mankind. Today, philanthropy includes the concept of voluntary giving by an individual or group to promote the common good. Philanthropy also commonly refers to grants of money given by foundations to nonprofit organizations that work for the improvement in the quality of life for all citizens.


A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a type of charitable giving fund that is established by a donor with an eligible charitable sponsoring organization (i.e. a community foundation) to support a cause (or causes) that the donor cares about. A donor advised fund allows the donor to remain involved and active in charitable giving by retaining “advisory privileges” to recommend how the sponsoring organization should make grants from that fund.


An endowment is a donation of money or property to a non-profit organization, which uses the resulting investment income for a specific purpose. Most endowments are designed to keep the principal amount intact while using the investment income for charitable efforts.


501©(3) - Contributions to 501(c)(3) organizations are tax deductible. Grants and activities may not assist election campaigns that support or oppose candidates for public office. Grants, compensation, and other payments must be made within specific guidelines, and for a charitable purpose, not for personal or private benefit.


An award of funds to an organization or individual to undertake charitable activities.


A sum of money made available upon the donor's passing.

To enrich Laurens County by creating charitable funds, promoting education, and providing community resources that have lasting impact.



Executive Director

Board of Directors

Booker Ingram.jpg

Booker Ingram

Board Chair


Will Ferguson

Vice Chair

Karen Mattison.jpg

Karen Mattison


tara Webb.jpg

Tara Webb



Bob Link

Chair - Finance Committee

Jamie Adair.jpg

Jamie Adair

Chair - Nominating Committee

Samuel Moore.jpg

Samuel Moore

Chair - Grants Committee

Annette Elwood.jpg

Annette Elwood

Grants Committee

Peggy Nibert.jpg

Peggy Nibert

Grants Committee

Brenda Schrantz.jpg

Brenda Schrantz

Finance Committee

Erin McAdams.jpg

Erin McAdams

Grants Committee


Yoneko Allen

Grants Committee


Norman Scarborough

Immediate Past Chair

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